Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Our CCTV systems range between single-channel non-recording systems to 16 channel with 2 terabytes hard-drives allowing for up to 1 month's recording. The camera models are extensive, including vandal-proof domes, PTZ, megapixel technology, hardware and software integration, data and analogue solutions. Whatever your needs are, day or night, near or far, we have the solution for you.

Satellite Asset & Vehicle Tracking System

Whether you need a fleet management solution or simply wish for your vehicle to be protected, our product will allow reports and management control at your fingertips via online software from the comfort of your home or office, in Ghana or abroad.

Electric Fencing

Our electric fences are monitored by the same VHF transmitters allowing us to respond to attempted intrusion due to cut wires and shorted cables. A back-up battery is supplied in the energizer to keep the electric fence securing your premise for up to 24hours when the system is well maintained.

Panic Alarm

Alarm System includes 24hr monitoring and rapid response to all alarm activations at your premises. The panic system is simple to operate and offers a highly effective deterrent. A variety of wired and wireless buttons will be installed at optimum positions throughout the facility.

Intruders Alarm

This is an automated system that once armed does not rely solely on human intervention to protect property or lives. The system comes with its own keypad, pin code and sensors to detect movement. In the event of an intrusion to a protected area, the system immediately sends a signal to the central monitoring station.

Access Control Systems

Biometric – Fingerprint Readers (access control and time-and-attendance) which is operational with or without softwareRFID-Proximity, Card Readers (access control and time-and-attendance) which is also operational with or without software, Keypad-Basic Access Control via codes, Intercom systems with and without video confirmation, Various locking mechanisms including magnetic and solenoid technologies.

Some Features that Made us Unique

Expert Technicians

Our excellent staff is specialized and experienced in proving best services to our client, Our team involves many talented expects for various fields and services.

Professional Service

We value the time and complete the given project on time to keep the clients happy so that our customers do not have to suffer due to the negligence of our staff.

Great Support

Our team is quite creative and innovative and always comes up with unique ideas to provide finest services at cost effect prices. they look forward to enhance productivity.

Technical Skills

We use advanced technologies, language, and what makes us better thank others is that our employees are very much experienced and skillful in their filed.

Highly Recomended

We will also work towards achieving consistent growth for each security solutions family members and as well as support of an empowered team.

Positive Reviews

We beleive in providing unique, wonderful and superb security solutions, that gives us a positive testimonies from our clients. Our first priority is to give quality service.


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In House Professionals

Security Tips

Crime is a pandemic that is fast taking over the world

1. Protect your vulnerability. Vulnerability is beneficial as it keeps you connected with your 'humanness'.

2. Don’t be careless with valuables. Keep valuables like expensive jewellery under lock and key when not in use.Be skeptical of your home-assistants.

Do not get you vehicle Hijacked!!!

1. Always inspect the area outside your vehicle while approaching and check the inside before unlocking the vehicle.

2. Vary your routes to work, home, gym, shop, etc. as much as possible. Remember that hijackers are professionals too, and that they usually plan their attacks.

3. Ensure that your mirrors are adjusted to provide you with optimal all round view of your immediate surroundings.

Grand Central Park

Each day, more than 6 people die on our roads and more than 1,200 are injured in car crashes that involve a distracted driver.

Just who is driving while distracted? About three-quarters are white males; although no age group is immune, young men are disproportionally likely to be distracted drivers. Nearly two-thirds of distracted drivers are alone in the car at the time of the crash. About 60% do not involve another moving vehicle, and nearly 40% occur on urban roads.

The Desire, Ability, and Opportunity

Clearly, if we strategically eliminate one leg of the triangle, we also eliminate the crime. However, your chances of success increase if you can impact more than one leg of the triangle. (Working just on the Desire often leaves room for new offenders to replace the old ones because nothing has been done to change the Opportunity or the Ability.)


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